Ransacked Home! Part 2

Last weekend I had the shocking realization that our home needed a week of love (see previous post). 

Here's some progress we've made:

Before:                                                             After!

Cleaning takes time.  But this week I discovered that the actual job of organization goes quickly, once I have taken the time sit and think it through first. These problem areas of our home were like weeds - they kept coming back no matter how many times I "cleaned."  

So this time I did much more thinking, researching, and problem-solving before attacking the area.  Voila'!  I am very happy with the results!

Now here's a close-up of my favorite features. 
They are so Fun!

(I think EVERY laundry room should have them.)

The Sock Toss!  
Scott and the boys installed a small shelf above the dryer.  On it, I placed three, bright cheery bins ($1 each), with handles.  NO MORE SOCK SORTING!  When I take clothes out of the dryer, I just toss them in each child's bin!  (Two points!)  When they need socks, they know right where to look.  Hooray!  

Child-sized, portable laundry bins
(one per child).
We have tried MANY systems to keep laundry from piling up right here on top of the dryer ... all fails.  Until today!  The guys installed a wire shelf (cut to size at Home Depot), to match the one that was already there, and doubled my storage space.  

On top, since I don't have a linen closet, I have added a clear bin I already owned. On the lower shelf, there is a bin for each child, just big enough for a few folded clothes. When I sort, I add it to each boy's bin, and they can easily carry it to their room to put away.  
It works!

TIPS for Organizing a Problem Area:

1.  Write down all your problem areas / needs.  
Take a notepad, a nice hot drink, and really think about what gets left out all the time.

2.  Make a sketch of the area.  Add measurements.  
Take this with you to the store for a perfect fit.  Don't forget to add width and depth, and the spaces between items.

3.  Use simple items to hold what you actually use in this area ... (not what you thought might work in your BHG or Martha Stewart dreams).

Have you tried these three tips?  What spot in your home needs a little love right about now?  Where could you use them? 


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