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Brand New URL ~ Crafted by Grace

We have a new name here at Rebecca's Close to my Heart Connection!  Due to company policy, I had to remove the words Close to My Heart from my web address.  So we will now use the name Crafted by Grace for the URL and title of this blog! This fresh new look and name is a nice start for the new year.  I love how the Grace title corresponds with so many things in my life.  Hope you like it, too!

Only a few days left to Save $30!

When you place a minimum order of $25 from the Autumn/Winter 2011 Idea Book, you can get two valuable new products for just $15: the My Creations ® Collage Cubes (a Spring/Summer 2012 sneak-peek product!) and the exclusive My Acrylix ® Rock the Block E-size stamp set (available only during this promotion). This Rock the Block promotion represents a retail savings of almost $30!  This stamp set is one of the big ones!  You’re going to love it.  Collage cubes and the Rock the Block stamp set work together for interactive, fashionable fun!

10 Things I Love about Being a Close to My Heart Consultant!

10. I get the first glimpse at the new Idea Book! 9. I can shop at a discount every time. 8. I earn a ridiculous amount of FREE SCRAPBOOKING SUPPLIES!!!! 7. I can write off a lot of enjoyable things as a business expense. 6. My profit allows us to make extra mortgage principal payments. 5. I can help change a child's life through Operation Smile! 4. I am motivated and inspired to new levels of creating and artistry. 3. I "have to" make time to do what I love -- it's my JOB! 2. My Stamped by Grace team blesses me greatly. But hands down, the #1 Thing I LOVE about being a CTMH consultant is: 1. Helping people love themselves and others through this wonderful hobby. I am blessed to be a Close to My Heart consultant. My customers are some of my most cherished friends! Without them, my life would have much less luster. With them, we are a mighty team of crafters - refreshing each other at events, inspiring each other's art, praying for each other i

Set Simple Scrapbook Goals in 2012

Happy New Year Everyone! It seems that each year more of you mention to me how overwhelmed or behind you are in getting your precious photos and memories into books. Perhaps this is due to the fact that digital cameras and camera phones make snapping pictures far easier and less expensive than old-fashioned film used to be. It is just TOO EASY to take pictures! But who will care for these precious moments that you have captured? As we begin a New Year, I would like to encourage you to get going! Let's turn our scrapbooking dreams into a reality - - by setting REALISTIC, SIMPLE GOALS for 2012. See I love pictures, too. And I have gone digital - meaning that I take between 150 and 500 photos each month - not including the ones on my phone. But as this increase has come, I have found myself more caught up on my scrapbooks than before, not less! I absolutely LOVE scrapbooking in real time - when the events happen - instead of years later. It is wonderfully freeing and fun! How