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People of color | They Overcame

These are our boys. In the summer one gets so dark, the other stays fair, freckled and light.  Nevertheless, I am told we are supposed to call ourselves "white" and label others "people of color."   Is this helpful or accurate in any way? I chose this picture because their skin is like day and night.  While these brothers share the exact same parentage, one is dark, and the other is fair.  They are a unique blend of several nationalities, as are ALL of us in 2020.  We throw out words like, "the black culture" and what do we really even mean?  Does our skin tone define just  one cultural background, one identity?  It simply cannot.  If it did, how "black" does someone have to be to be included?  What shade of light skin enters another into "privilege?"  Is there a chart somewhere, like paint chip palettes, to properly divide us into which are privileged and which are oppressed? If one has dark skin and is the descendant of slaves, but l