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Event Calendars! Easy, Practical Gift Idea

Here is a peak at the Event Calendars we created as a swap group during our Fall Scrap & Stamp R etreat .   Each lady de signed two m onths each , and then we exc hanged for a complete calend ar.  My friend Elaine and I have also divided up the ca lendar to swap between the two of us.   We each created six months, (times six), and went home w ith three completed calendars each!    H ere are some sample s of the easy, 3x3 artwork we cr eated for Janu ary (snowflakes), December (ornament),  March ( outdoor scene), and February ( boy/g irl sil houet te) :   My two favorite things a bout o ur Event Cal endars :   1.  Very Af fordable.   The calendar costs less than $10 !  It creates a gift tha t is worth far more than it's original cost. 2.  Lasting Gift!   Most calendars are good for one year only... but these can be used year afte r year .    Simpl y fill in dates of i mportant birthdays, annivers a ries you don 't want to forget, and hang on your

Broken Globe ... Repaired Heart

Here's my first ever link-up for the wonderful ministry o f Women Living Well.  Click on the Living Well Wednesdays button to read more inspired entries and get filled up with good things ! I just might have the nicest kids in the world.   Today, in perfect God timing, they have brought me to tears with their words of grace. I have been studying grace this month.  I know the word well, and live as a child who knows she doesn't deserve God's grace every day.  Yet still, with my black and white personality, I am disappointed with my lack of grace in certain scenarios.  I see this also in our boys, (of course) and it breaks my heart.  How can we all grow in grace? Fast forward to tonight.  There I was, downstairs in the basement, se ar chi ng box after bo x of Christmas decorations for that elusive wreath hanger. Such a small thing, but it quickly helps make our kitc hen so beautiful every year . That one silly wr ea th bri ghtens the whole house , no matter h ow m