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My Top 3 Favorite Movies of all Time, and Why 🎥 | They Overcame

TIME TO REVEAL my number one movie of all time. But first, let me explain, in a nutshell, why this sensitive, dancer girl likes such a strange concoction of movies:  3. Never-ending Story inspires my creative, imaginative side. Also I was severely bullied for two years in my childhood, so this movie is always a healing experience for me! And a very different choice ...  2. Air Force 1 sets a standard of great leadership for me. I aspire to be basically everything Harrison Ford is as President, in this movie.  Brave. Humble. Tenacious. Experienced. He knows how to fight smart and tough, because he began his career in the military.  Having given up my country, family & comforts for ministry, I can relate a little bit to the sacrifice.  And then how it qualifies you by building character you didn't have, otherwise. I also can completely relate to the fierce love of family in this story ... and of wanting to protect those under my care with everything I am.  One last tie-in, is t