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Fall Crafters Getaway Oct. 17-20 - NEW LOCATION!

Hello Crafters! Retreat Dates:  Oct.17-20  In case you  haven't heard the great news yet -- our fall retreat has found a new home!! It is right here in Arcade at the newly revitalized Longview Camp .  I've been searching for quite some time, and am thrilled to have finally found this - just about the time I was going to give up.  (Thanks, Missi for the tip!!) We have all the details & prices below (as well as how you can save $50! )   But FIRST ...  Why was it so difficult to find a place?  I'm glad you asked!  I have been hosting retreats for about a dozen years now -- and there are a few things I've learned are important to our group.   1. Beauty & Cleanliness: This is a getaway to refresh our hearts. The beauty of nature outside, and inviting accommodations inside are of supreme importance.  My aim in doing this has always been to provide a really enjoyable "home away from home." My heart is to use my business efforsts to nourish h