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Beauty from the Inside Out

This weekend I had the awesome privilege of helping behind the scenes for the Annual Spring Showcase of  Houghton Movement and Arts Center .  My ballet teacher and dear friend Sarah Badger put together an amazing performance of tap, jazz, vocal, lyrical and creative movement pieces in the first half, followed by excerpts from Swan Lake for the second act.  My husband and I were blessed to be behind the cameras for this event.  What an absolute joy to experience. I cannot say enough good things about this school ... so I will explain this one thing for now.  In the arts world, the culture is typically cut throat and competitive.  It is common for dance teachers to look down their nose at others, to compare, harshly critique or even steal students and business away from other schools.  Though that is commonplace, it should never be the case for anyone who claims to follow Jesus Christ.  Our relationships and businesses should be run with the same integrity, humility and generosi