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Crafting ... a life.

An online acquaintance of mine was recently struggling with criticism from others over her decision to homeschool. She asked if she was the only one who felt alone.  She also asked us for our "why." Her question brought so many feelings to the surface for me.  Here is my response. To:          Any mom feeling criticized, overwhelmed, and afraid to fail. From:    A mom who's been there. "As a family that feels a strong conviction to be a part of both worlds, I implore you not to stoop so low as to trash public schools in order to build yourself up while you homeschool.  I'm certain that we all feel misunderstood at times - wherever our children are being schooled.  I've received it in both scenarios.  I'm sure parents with their children in Christian or charter school face the same judgement.  No, you are certainly not alone.  You need support and are getting the opposite, and it hurts.  A lot.  *sigh* ... That being said - these criticisms can be