Broken Globe ... Repaired Heart

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I just might have the nicest kids in the world.  

Today, in perfect God timing, they have brought me to tears with their words of grace.

I have been studying grace this month.  I know the word well, and live as a child who knows she doesn't deserve God's grace every day. 

Yet still, with my black and white personality, I am disappointed with my lack of grace in certain scenarios.  I see this also in our boys, (of course) and it breaks my heart.  How can we all grow in grace?

Fast forward to tonight. 

There I was, downstairs in the basement, searching box after box of Christmas decorations for that elusive wreath hanger. Such a small thing, but it quickly helps make our kitchen so beautiful every year. That one silly wreath brightens the whole house, no matter how many other decorations I am able to get up each year.

In sorting, I found that special surprise I spontaneously bought the kids last year. 

It was an after-Christmas bargain, a totally frivolous purchase so unlike me to make.  But I just knew it would make them happy.  And it did!  

For a week or two before the decorations all came down last year, they wound up that lovely Cars snowglobe over and over listening to the little music box, and watching the automatic snow swirl magically around and around Lightning McQueen. Sigh.  I plucked the globe out of it's nest and set it aside to continue my search for the wreath hanger that will not be found. 

Moments later, I heard the horrible, unmistakable sound of glass hitting the cement floor. My heart nearly stopped.  

Photo Courtesy of One Day at a Time blogI could barely turn my head around to confirm what I already knew was there.  


I broke the snowglobe.  

Not three rowdy boys - I was totally alone, and being "careful" as always.  

There was no one to blame but me.

I cried.

After taking a few minutes to "compose myself" (whatever that means), I took as deep a breath as I could muster and headed upstairs, weighing the two options in my mind.  I probably could have just wrapped it up and thrown it away, without the boys ever remembering my spontaneous after-Christmas purchase.  

Nope, I am WAY too honest and transparent for that.  

Option two it is.

Go on up and tell them how badly I feel for breaking their gift.

I tromped up the stairs, called the kids names and got down on the living room floor where Mac & Nathan were playing. 

"I broke the snow globe," I almost choked out before bursting into tears again.  "The really cool Cars one I bought you, that you really liked." 

And then grace happened.  

My heart melted as my eight year old's immediate response was to come and throw his arms around me and tell me it was o.k.  "It's none of your fault, Mom ... it was an accident."  

Nathan, who is four, headed off to check out the accident scene.

"No, Nathan!  Don't go down there - - There are little pieces of glass everywhere."  So, after my hugs, I decided to face the inevitable puddle of water, gel, broken glass shards and glitter. Heading downstairs, I heard the little thumps of tiny feet following me. 

I turned to remind him it wasn't safe, and there he was - holding his blanket. I felt so badly that I had made him so sad that he went to get his beloved blanket and thumb.  I was mistaken. 

Little guy did retrieve his blanket, but apparently it was for me. 

He held it out and said, 

"Here, remember when I cry I need my blanket?
Give it back later to me when you're done."  

More tears. 
More hugs. 

I have learned something new today. 

I have always hated my fleshly tendency to cast blame, but today I made a new connection.  

Blame is the enemy of Grace.

In fact, I am quite sure there is a demon NAMED Blame who just tromps around all over and around us. Christians, and those who don't know God alike.  

Demon or not, this little incident has renewed my passion to hate Blame and do away with it for good in our house! 

Welcome, Holy Spirit of Grace.
Into our home and family.  

We have officially given Blame the boot and welcome YOU to have his place.  

And more.

Today I am grateful for grace ... and for my kind children who held nothing against me, but instead, offered me their best.  So much like Jesus.


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Missi said…
Thank you for sharing this beautiful story! Trying to teach my children to accept responsibility for their actions is hard to do when I myself tend to cast blame.
Unknown said…
Grace is such an amazing gift and I'm so blessed by your boys and what an example their parents must be teaching them that they are actively demonstrating to others! Good Job!!! Nancy Termer
Anonymous said…
Thank you for sharing! Children amaze us with the Grace that they so often offer up. The innocence of a child helps heal!
K. Ann said…
Thanks for your honest story, Sister (the emotions of which I can relate to quite well). Our wonderful boys really do care for us, sometimes more than they show every day. God bless my dear nephews, who are becoming kind and responsible men of God!

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