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One thing about God - 
his intimate, faithful love never ceases to blow my mind.

It was a LOVELY weekend, full of joy. 

But the tears came suddenly as we left Ian at school for his next adventure. I was missing him again already, but I was also feeling the distinct loss of having lived through our first big family happening without Mom. 

After Ian was selected for that award Friday night, I went back to the hotel and cried. She would be so proud and excited, and probably she does know somehow, but it pained me so, to no longer be able to share this with her. 

And then it all hits again... why did she have to get so sick? 
Why did my dear Mom have to have cancer AGAIN? 

WHY, OH WHY did God allow the closed border to keep us apart, losing our entire last year with Mom? 


How on earth can I survive knowing there will NEVER be that rock of my family to return to again?

We drive on. Stop for gas. And there it is.

Canada geese. Babies. Sunlight. 

Sunset over the hills. 

Beauty that takes my breath away. 

My Mom loved these things. 

She taught me about golden hour lighting. She showed us all how to never stop being excited over the littlest workings of God's fingers. It was Mom who taught me how to capture these moments in photographs as well. 

But it is GOD who orchestrates all things. 
He is the conductor, the composer, and the choreographer all at once. 

I would be a hard-hearted fool to miss the message of love - 

...the timing of these masterpieces waddling right through the parking lot at that moment, their downy feathers glowing in the most gorgeous sunset of all. 

And to have a husband kind and sensitive and patient enough to stop the van and just let us watch 

and take it all in, healing our hearts. 

God is faithful.
His love for me is intimate and personal beyond comprehension. 

Yes, He sees. 
He hears. 

He loves. 



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