Intimate Love

One thing about God - his intimate, faithful love never ceases to blow my mind. It was a LOVELY weekend, full of joy. But the tears came suddenly as we left Ian at school for his next adventure, missing him again already, but also feeling the distinct loss of having lived through our first big family happening without Mom.  After Ian was selected for that award Friday night I came back to the hotel and cried. She would be so proud and excited, and probably she does know somehow, but it pained me so not to be able to share this with her. And then it all hits again... why did she have to get so sick? Why did my dear Mom have to have cancer AGAIN? WHY OH WHY did God allow the closed border to keep us apart, losing the last entire year with our Mom? How on earth can I survive knowing there will NEVER be that rock of my family to return to again? 😭  We drive on. Stop for gas. And there it is. Canada geese. 🇨🇦 Babies. Sunlight. Sunset over the hills ... beauty that takes my breath