Fall Crafters Getaway Oct. 17-20 - NEW LOCATION!

Hello Crafters!
Retreat Dates: Oct.17-20 
In case you haven't heard the great news yet -- our fall retreat has found a new home!! It is right here in Arcade at the newly revitalized Longview Camp.  I've been searching for quite some time, and am thrilled to have finally found this - just about the time I was going to give up.  (Thanks, Missi for the tip!!)

We have all the details & prices below (as well as how you can save $50!)  But FIRST ... 

Why was it so difficult to find a place?  I'm glad you asked!  I have been hosting retreats for about a dozen years now -- and there are a few things I've learned are important to our group.  

1. Beauty & Cleanliness:
This is a getaway to refresh our hearts. The beauty of nature outside, and inviting accommodations inside are of supreme importance.  My aim in doing this has always been to provide a really enjoyable "home away from home." My heart is to use my business efforsts to nourish hard-working ladies -- who are all-too-often only concerning themselves with the needs of others. This is your time away.  It should be beautiful!

2. Reasonable Rates: 
Many of us work really hard for our dollars, and have just a few to set aside for special treats like a bi-annual hobby time away.  There are many places I've turned down immediately based on price -- everything looks promising until they finally give me the bottom line. *sigh* I want these retreats to be as affordable as possible, so I seek to find that delicate balance between a great deal AND a great location.  Phew!  I finally did it.

3. Best Driving Distance: 
For years we had a great thing going down 1.5 hours South in Ulysses, but I heard from many of you that the drive in fall and spring was just too risky.  With that in mind, I've had to say no to many awesome suggestions simply because of location.  I feel like I've combed every nook and cranny of our area, trying to keep all of your addresses in mind!  My goal was to find a place close to home for the greatest amount of people, and yet still drivable for our "adventure girls" who live a bit further away and are still part of our crafty family.  

I have found all of this -- along with attentive and welcoming hosts -- at Longview Camp.  They've taken the old Good News Bible Camp and have completely overhauled it.  They have torn down older cabins, completely renovated bathrooms and sleeping areas, and are building more and more brand new, updated areas now and in the future!  The care they've put into restoring and improving this camp is obvious. 

Here are some sneak peeks around camp!!
This is the main lodge -- with crafting and dining areas here at the front, and attached bedrooms and bathrooms on the other end.  There are close parking and driveways with nice walkways for unloading our monstrous, totally ridiculous amount of crafting supplies. 

Dining / Crafting area in the lodge - room will be set to our specifications with rectangle tables and outlets along the walls.  **Attention: both cell service and wifi will be limited (or none) while at camp. This will enable us to enjoy truly detaching for awhile!  But please plan accordingly if you need access to images for cutting, music to download, etc.  Cell service strengthens near the edge of the property, and we also will all complete Emergency Info forms for safety.

Our Longview hosts are willing to accomodate our requests for just two meals a day (no waking up early to get breakfast!), we can all bring our own snacks for a table all weekend, and there is coffee/hot beverage available 24 hours a day right here in the lodge.  

Newly remodeled sleeping areas have thick mattresses, beautiful new flooring and lights, and we are welcome to use only bottom bunks if preferred, at no extra charge.
Every bathroom has been beautifully remodeled. They were very clean and welcoming!  There are a few shared bathroom areas which should be more than adequate for a group our size.  As we grow in the future -- there are brand new cabins awaiting for more guests!  

What can I expect at this Retreat?
You can expect nearly endless hours of scrapbooking, painting, quilting to your heart's content in a quiet, peaceful atmosphere, close to nature and God. Longview Camp exisits to strengthen people in their faith.  In order to use this facility, they have asked that we remember to honor that purpose while we are there.  

Each day we will have a short time of getting to know each other and biblical devotions as a required part of our camp experience.  Knowing that we come from different faith backgrounds, these times will be focused on truth that can uplift and encourage us all.  If you are not used to this, you are free to just listen quietly and observe as we have our group times. A schedule will be posted, but I believe the best time to meet will be as we transition to brunch or dinner each day (about 20 minutes prior to meals).  

We will also give thanks prior to eating our meals, and promise to keep our speech, conversation and clothing modest and clean while at camp, with respect to this special place.  They ask that no music be played on speakers or devices -- use earbuds or headphones only please.  A playlist of instrumental music may be provided by your hosts, to set a peaceful atmosphere at various times throughout the weekend.

You can also expect to find life-long friends at camp.  After hosting 20-some retreats, I can assure you that our group is filled with encouragement, listening ears, and joyful hearts!  We laugh (a LOT), and sometimes we cry together, too.  It's a very good time for all, and I'm thrilled to have you join us!

So, what's all this going to COST?

BEST DEAL: full retreat Thursday 4pm through Sunday 4pm, includes 3 overnights and 6 meals*. 
Early Bird price is only $199, with your deposit by this Friday, Sept. 27th!!  ($249 afterwards)
*Longview kitchen is not equipped to provide special diets at this time, but they will provide us a menu in advance so that we can purchase any items needed to supplement.  I will be happy to help provide gluten free breads or other items that are of importance to you.  Please let me know if there is anything I can bring to help make your stay more enjoyable.

SHORTER RETREAT**Thursday 4pm - Saturday 4pm (or Friday 4pm - Sunday 4pm) 
$160 Early Bird rate ($199 afterwards).
**partial retreat pricing is available as long as we meet our minimum number of guests for each day we are there. Most camps will not cook for a small group - Longview is the exception requiring a minimum of only 10 campers for each meal/day/night at camp.  Invite a friend!

SINGLE DAY (Commuter): Friday or Saturday (incl. 2 meals) $60, Sunday (incl. brunch) $40

We will try to accomodate all requests for different arrival and departure and number of meals - just text or e-mail me (Rebecca #716-640-5702) right away to request pricing if you don't see yours listed above.

Payment by check is preferred.  Please postmark your deposit of $25 by no later than Friday, Sept. 27 to receive the HUGE Early Bird discounts!  Reservation Deposits are non-refundable.

Your remaining balance is due in the mail by Oct. 10.  This will give me a chance to get everyone's dollars accounted for and to clear our banks in time for me to pay Longview.

Please send checks to: Rebecca Laird, 3554 Block Rd. Delevan NY 14042
Be sure to indicate any room-mate or seating preferences or special requests with your check, along with the specific days/nights/meals you wish to attend!  Thank you!!

Marcella Weber will be helping me -- most especially by hosting our new bonus Sunday!  We will each demonstrate and sell our products (Rebecca with Close to my Heart and Marcella with Kiwi Lane) on our respective hosting days, so you will have the best of both worlds and find something really unique for you!

Thank you for your consideration!
- Rebecca


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