Spotlight on Color: Carolina

Winter blues got you down?  Let's cheer up with a look at one of our newest colors.

My pick for Winter Blues?  Carolina

I love this color because it is fresh and encouraging.  It reminds me of all the best parts of a snowy day, and none of the worst.   

It is cheerful, but not brash.  Winter in our area of the world can be harsh, but I tend to focus on the astounding beauty and quiet of our snow-globe world.  

This season, Carolina is featured in our Love Blossoms and Something Fierce kits!  These are available for a limited time.

There's nothing quite like waking up in the morning to peer out at a 'brand new world' that was created overnight, simply by falling snow.  

On the best of these mornings, there are a loads of blue tones and sometimes even this perfect Carolina blue painting the sky.  

In Love of Color, we learn that there are some beautiful, fun combinations for Carolina in our new color pallet.  One of these color mixes are Carolina - Sapphire - Lilac - Pebble.

Cheer up!  

Even if you cannot yet enjoy the snowy depths of winter, Carolina blue spring skies and flowers are just around the corner.  In the meantime, create something beautiful with your favorite winter colors.  

What are you favorite winter color combinations?

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Happy Crafting!



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