Bread-making Tip

Better Bread starts with fresher yeast. 

Here's how I keep mine:  

I purchase the large, vaccuum-sealed package for about $4 at the local Amish or bulk dry goods store.  (This lasts several months, baking bread every week).  

Then I pour it into small jars I have saved from special jams, candles, etc, and store them in the door of my freezer.  I learned the hard way that yeast can get stale and not produce the nice, fluffy loaves we want.  So these small jars, tightly sealed, are just the thing.

When it comes time to bake, I remove one jar from the freezer, measure out my yeast (onto a small saucer) and let it come to room temperature as I work on the rest of the recipe.  Voila!  Perfect bread.


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