Event Calendars! Easy, Practical Gift Idea

Here is a peak at the Event Calendars we created as a swap group during our Fall Scrap & Stamp Retreat.  Each lady designed two months each, and then we exchanged for a complete calendar.  My friend Elaine and I have also divided up the calendar to swap between the two of us.   We each created six months, (times six), and went home with three completed calendars each!   

Here are some samples of the easy, 3x3 artwork we created for January (snowflakes), December (ornament),  March (outdoor scene), and February (boy/girl silhouette):

My two favorite things about our Event Calendars:  

1.  Very Affordable.  The calendar costs less than $10 It creates a gift that is worth far more than it's original cost.

2.  Lasting Gift!  Most calendars are good for one year only... but these can be used year after year.   Simply fill in dates of important birthdays, anniversaries you don't want to forget, and hang on your wall year after year.  

Here's a great way to use your stamping and scrapbooking supplies to create a lovely & practical calendar.  Make one for your yourself, and more to share!


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