10 Things I Love about Being a Close to My Heart Consultant!

10. I get the first glimpse at the new Idea Book!
9. I can shop at a discount every time.
8. I earn a ridiculous amount of FREE SCRAPBOOKING SUPPLIES!!!!
7. I can write off a lot of enjoyable things as a business expense.
6. My profit allows us to make extra mortgage principal payments.
5. I can help change a child's life through Operation Smile!
4. I am motivated and inspired to new levels of creating and artistry.
3. I "have to" make time to do what I love -- it's my JOB!
2. My Stamped by Grace team blesses me greatly.

But hands down, the #1 Thing I LOVE about being a CTMH consultant is:

1. Helping people love themselves and others through this wonderful hobby.

I am blessed to be a Close to My Heart consultant. My customers are some of my most cherished friends! Without them, my life would have much less luster. With them, we are a mighty team of crafters - refreshing each other at events, inspiring each other's art, praying for each other in difficult times, sharing our favorite snacks, making and preserving memories at the same time! Thank you for allowing me to do what I love by being part of my scrapbooking family.


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