Sailing with Studio J!!!

This morning I am thankful for the awesome opportunity we have to keep up on our scrapbooking memories with Studio J!!! I really can't say enough about this incredible tool.
Click on photo for Larger View and see what Studio J Pages look like!!!

Did you know:
  • Studio J is designed to work just like our paper packs and how-to books, like Cherish and Imagine?
  • You can complete full-color, fully embellished two page layouts in half an hour?
  • You can try Studio J at any time, for absolutely FREE?
Jump on and try it! Test Drive Studio J
It's as easy as 1-2-3!!

I have just returned from Leadershare, a regional event for Close to my Heart consultants. We learned so much that I can't wait to share with all of you at an Open House coming soon!!! But for me, the highlight was definitely meeting the mastermind behind our Studio J program. But wait, I'm getting ahead of myself.

Step 1: Upload Photos and Choose a Layout

Are you a traditional scrapbooker, who is typically years behind in completing pages of your most precious memories? Busy mom? LOVE to handle paper? Think you'd never be interested in digital scrapbooking or can't afford to try it? This is EXACTLY how I felt a couple of years ago when Studio J was first introduced.

But as any "good" consultant would, I hopped on to the Studio J web site just so I could see what it could offer "other" people. I sat down. I pulled open the site. First bonus: I could play with it for free! In minutes, I had uploaded a handful of pictures, and was presented with layout options to fit just that many photos, JUST LIKE our scrapbooking how-to books. Ok. That was helpful. But I still was not convinced.

Step 2: Kit Selection!

Until ... I got to step number two. Choosing a paper pack! Wait- no price? Retired packs I have never seen before? This was getting cool. I scrolled through the paper packs and chose a lovely paper pack to try ... and then POW!!!! The magic began.

Once I had chosen my paper, within moments, I was amazed to see not one, not two, but SIX fully assembled 2-page layouts, all sporting their own combinations of paper from the kit I had chosen. O.k. now they had my attention. It would have taken me HOURS to create these pages in six different variations!!! Then I would be left with all kind of cut up paper I would never use.

So, besides the time I was saving, I suddenly had choices I could never have with traditional scrapbooking. Fun indeed!!! But now what?

Step 3: Personalize.

I chose my favorite combination of papers for this layout, and was whisked to a design screen with options galore. It was like a dream. Titles, embellishments, all the matching Stickease I have never purchased, all included! But that was not my final, convincing WOW. The biggest WOW came in how the software handled my photographs.

It was a cinch to drag and drop my photos into the various boxes provided in the layout. Then BAM! My photo was magically hovering behind the opening of the box, so I could easily zoom in or out, slide left, right, up or down to PERFECTLY custom crop my photo to match this layout. UNBELIEVABLE!!! Another absolutely free perk of Studio J.

So after all this, as you can imagine - I was hooked! Two page layouts in under half an hour, all personalized, with perfectly cropped and printed photos on my choice of paper I have never bought? SIGN ME UP!

Here is my photo of
Mr. Brian Holman, who is the software architect of Studio J ... what an honor to talk with him in person in Philadelphia! He showed us a few new tricks that have recently been added to Studio J to make it even MORE customizable! Wait, is customizable even a word?

I am eagerly awaiting my TEN two-page layouts, due to arrive by Fed-Ex this week!!!!
As a member, I am enjoying page prints at half price, free jpegs of all my pages to share and save, members-only layouts, free specials and perks, and free shipping!

But the best part? I simply slip them in the page protectors that are also included, yes, for FREE. Since CTMH processes and prints my pages on high-quality developed 12x12 photo paper, I can have the pleasure of scrapbooking the traditional way, and digitally, all in the same scrapbook. I am officially scrapbooking my memories as they happen now, not years after the fact. Hooray!!!

It sure will feel wonderful adding those 20 completed pages to my scrapbook!!! How about you?

What are you thankful for today?
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