12 Days of Christmas #6

Take Time to READ!

My Inspiration Challenge to you today is to stop everything and read the Christmas story!

Over the years we have accumulated several Christmas books, which I now house in a big basket that used to sit unused in my basement storage! I threw a Christmas towel or cloth napkin to line the basket, hanging over the edges, and fill it with all the Christmas stories. Then it sits, along with all the Christmas stuffed animals people have given us, in a handy corner of the living room for the children to enjoy.

Each day we pull out different stories - old copies of The Grinch, Mud Flat, Winnie the Pooh, the 12 Days of Christmas I found at the dollar store. Several of them are beautiful old books I got free as library discards! We enjoy them all.

BUT don't forget - the BEST and only story that really matters this season. The Christmas Story. We have several versions from toddler board books with lift-the-flaps, to The Manger Where Jesus Lay, but the bible versions are the best of all! We'll save that one for Christmas morning. So be inspired today - - Stop the madness and READ! Without the story of our Savior made alive in our hearts, there is no reason for the season at all.


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