12 Days of Christmas #5

Set of Simple Note Cards

Want a GREAT last minute gift that you don't need to run to the store for??

Here are five simple note cards you can make using just 2 pieces of cardstock and strips of patterned paper. Our B & T duos work great to add color and texture to your note. Upcycle your scraps! It's easy as 1 - 2 - 3.

1. Begin with one 12 x 12 cardstock, cut at 8 inches horizontally and then cut the large piece into three 4" x 8"strips. The bottom piece should now be 4 x 12 - you can fold this into a triple panel card, or cut off the remaining 4x4 piece to make the standard single fold card base.

2. Add a 1.5" x 4" strip of patterned paper. Using the colors in your strip - random stamp or background stamp the large area of plan cardstock to simply beautify your base.

3. Adhere .25'" from the left side (or from the top - variation). Adhere a strip of ribbon with glue dots - tie a second piece around the first for a simple knot. Add a simple tag - or other embellishment as desired .... and YOU'RE DONE!

I hope you will try using some of those great papers and tools you have sitting around to make a beautiful hand-made gift. It really doesn't take that long with a little inspiration! I have found it eases the stress of my holiday to just stay home and whip something up - it is thoughtful, inexpensive, and there is no waiting in line! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!


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