Birthday Gifts for ... Girls! 5x6 Mini Album and Gift Set

When you have three sons, GIRL birthday parties take on new meaning! What a great way to get my fingers on all those pretty pink florals and purple hues in my stack.

We have enjoyed two school friend parties for girls this year - and I enjoyed creating from my heart on both occasions. Late into the wee hours of course:), when everyone else who needs me was asleep. Ian's third grade friend Haley came first - she mentioned that she enjoys crafts. I constructed a little mini-album for her to complete, and since Haley chose a luau theme for her party, I responded with Hawaiian flowers and colors. With just a couple of cardstocks and two patterned papers, I was ready to go.

What I did:
- Began with two 5x6 background papers (folded from 12").
- Cut coordinating sheets of CS and PP to lengths of 5" and 6" in various widths
- Made fun, easy layouts with the cut pieces and scraps!
It was enjoyable and easy. Try it yourself!

Next was little Samantha, a kindergarten friend of MacGregor's. I have seen these Coordinated Gift Sets in the stores, and thought, "Why not try that myself?"

I found everything I needed to buy at the Dollar Store, so I spent less than five dollars on her items. When decorated with beautiful stamps, papers and embellishments, it was truly a gift with love from the heart.

I have such a new joy these past two years, since becoming a consultant with Close to My Heart. I feel empowered with time and money saved, and truly refreshed even in the middle of the night at my crafting desk. I find I am using papers and things I have collected, instead of them collecting dust! Close to my Heart techniques, products, people and ideas have boosted my confidence to create, and I am so happy to share these heartfelt treasures with others!


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